Crossing Things Off the List

I have a mental list that I probably should actually write down of things I still need to do before adoption day (15 days!).

I’ve started having people guess their names on Facebook. Monday I had people guess E’s name and will move on to M’s tomorrow. That’s turning out to be fun with some serious guesses and some outlandish ones.

I ordered the adoption day cake yesterday from Nothing Bundt Cakes. It’ll be an 8″ gluten free cake decorated for Jamie’s birthday with five It’s a Boy flags and one It’s a Girl flag. Jamie doesn’t know about the birthday part of the cake (or the t-shirt I got from someone on Etsy that is the perfect for someone adopting six kids on his birthday.

I finally got brave and have gotten started on our adoption day t-shirts. We all put our handprints (footprints for the twins) on our shirts (Cameron dropped by this morning to do his) and those will get turned into ducks probably later today. Now I need to figure out how to use the Scan N Cut my mom won at a quilt show years ago so I can finish the shirts.

We still need dress clothes that fit (for some) for their blessings (which will probably happen the Sunday after adoption) and to wear after we’re sealed (which will probably happen in December), to pick out what we’re all going to wear for our family photos (being taken the Saturday before adoption), and to finished the adoption t-shirts, and to decide when we’re going to pick up the kids from preschool, the elementary school, and the middle school (Fritz can just walk downstairs and miss a little bit of a class or two) on adoption day. Oh, and finalize our celebration plans that may include renting a movie theater just for our family and/or Disney on Ice. I’m sure I’m forgetting something here (hence why I really need to write everything down).

It’s really almost here!

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