Introducing… Mayci Celia Kerry!

December 2019

Mayci is the princess. She’s sassy and funny and full of life. She can be very dramatic, especially when she doesn’t get her way. She’s got a beautiful smile and a dimple in the wrong place.

January 2020

She loves pink. She’d wear pink every day if we let her. She is seriously the most girly girl.

February 2020

Mayci’s original middle name is pronounced with a short e. Sell-ee-uh. She was born on August 2nd, the same day as Jamie’s mom. She turned 4 this summer, but she keeps asking if she is 5 yet.

February 2020

Mayci loves having a daddy. She’s not sure what to think of Jamie’s stubble. She always tells him he can’t kiss her if he hasn’t shaved recently because she doesn’t want her cheek to be scratched.

March 2020

Mayci is super smart. She’s already got most of the letters down and the sound most of them make. She’s a leader in her pre-k classroom. Her teacher has nothing but good things to say about her.

May 2019

When she arrived at our house permanently, she was wearing size 3T. She quickly progressed to size 4T and now, just 6 months later, she’s in size 5.

May 2020

When she got here I had no idea how to do it or care for it. I’ve learned over time and now her hair is growing and so healthy and is cute, too.

May 2020

When she arrived at our house, Mayci had been extremely spoiled and was used to getting her way no matter what. Elijah even told us the most important thing was to keep Mayci from crying no matter what.

May 2020

It wasn’t easy for her to get used to not always getting her way. Sometimes she didn’t want to be here. She regularly told us we just weren’t fair to her. Over time she has gotten used to our rules and has become a much more pleasant little girl.

`July 2020

Ani always wanted a sister and was really annoyed I never produced one for her. Little did she know her little sister wasn’t to be born until 2016 and she wouldn’t meet her until she was 3. They are both pretty happy to be sisters forever.

August 2020

For her birthday we got her hair braided. She loved picking out the beads to go on the ends of her braids. She just picked random colors and loved the result so much.

August 2020

She was just ever so pleased with her braids and beads and felt super pretty. I am working on learning how to braid (with the help of a haircare course I highly recommend to white adoptive parents from Tutus and Tennis Shoes) so next time I can do a fancy braid myself.

August 2020

In August she started pre-k. All kids who have been or are in DFPS custody get free pre-k in Texas. She absolutely loves going to school. She loves her teacher and she loves learning. She’s disappointed when the weekend comes and she can’t go to school.

September 2020

Mayci loves anything related to beauty. She more or less willingly wears her satin bonnet at night to keep her hair from getting frizzy and to protect styles from getting destroyed over night. She loves getting her nails painted and watching Ani do her make-up.

September 2020

She loves bows so much. Big bows, little bows, one at a time, two at a time, matching or not, she just loves to have bows in her hair.

October 2020

When Mayci first came to us she really needed a nap every day. Over time she no longer absolutely needed it so when she turned 4 we told her it was up to her now whether she naps or not. Sometimes, though, she still needs a little extra sleep.

October 2020

Every weekday she does great walking about a half mile home from school. She does great wearing her mask in school keeping it over both her nose and mouth, too.

October 2020

For Halloween she dressed up as Anna. She loves Frozen so much. And, man, she is one beautiful little girl!

November 2020

Welcome to the Duk family, Mayci Celia Kerry!

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