Becoming a Family

December 2010

This is the first picture I took after the older four arrived at our house for the first time. We barely knew each other. We didn’t quite know what to do with so many kids. We didn’t even know how old they were!

January 2020

This was way before we rearranged rooms to fit four more kids. This was even before Cameron moved into his apartment. We packed them into what was then Fritz and Adrian’s room those first few overnight visits.

January 2020

The kids were living in a place without a yard so having space to play outside was so very exciting to all of them.

January 2020

There was quite an adjustment after the toddlers were placed with us. Four kids two and under is intense.

January 2020

Something else that’s intense is feeding all these kids. They eat a whole lot of food. Our monthly grocery budget for the 13 of us in the house is $2000.

January 2020

Taking the kids to church (pre-pandemic; we home church currently) was quite an adventure. Just getting them dressed for church was a bit insane. Anthony and Nicholas were in nursery (the babies are still too young), Mayci was in Sunbeams, and Elijah was a CTR4.

February 2020

For a church activity they wanted a picture of me with the kids. This proved rather difficult with four constantly moving little boys.

March 2020

I got pajamas from Carters for the four littles plus Fritz and Adrian. They were quite adorable all wearing them (some have no been passed down to younger brothers).

April 2020

All these boys love their father. This makes sense. He is a very awesome father.

April 2020

The kids are like puppies. They are always piling up on top of each other and rolling around playing.

May 2020

They also like to pile up on Jamie. There’s no toy better than your very own Daddy.

May 2020

It’s funny. The babies now wear the onesie Nicholas is wearing and Nicholas wears the clothes Anthony is wearing in this picture. Elijah has outgrown the shorts and Mayci has outgrown the whole outfit. They have so incredibly much since we’ve had them.

August 2020

Anthony and Nicholas needed family pictures for their classrooms at the beginning of the school year so we sat down before dinner one day and my mom snapped this one with my phone.

September 2020

The littles love taking selfies with their big sister. Also, can we talk about Anthony’s smile? That child has the most beautiful smile.

October 2020

We’ve gotten tie dye clothes from Vine for me, Mayci, and the twins. one day we decided to all wear them and that’s when we discovered that the base colors are all completely different!

October 2020

We got little pumpkins for the four bigger little ones. They were so excited about them and immediately asked for me to take a picture of them holding their pumpkins.

October 2020

Halloween was fun trick-or-treating around our little neighborhood with Anna, two skeletons, two Toy Story aliens, and a fried egg.

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