Journey Hair

Every since we watched Jingle Jangle (the first time – there have been many watchings of that movie in our house), Mayci has been wanting to have her hair done like Journey’s. So this morning I gave it a try.

It made us later leaving for school than we like, but it turned out so cute and she was so thrilled with it that it was totally worth being ten minutes later than usual (they still made it with plenty of time to eat breakfast before school started).

I watched a YouTube video of someone recreating Journey’s hair on their own head, but Mayci’s hair is a different texture with looser curls so I had to improvise a bit. The video got me started, though, with the parts and ponytails.

I asked her if she wanted all gold cuffs or half gold and half silver. Of course she wanted both like the little queen that she is. The addition of the cuffs really made the hairstyle just so perfectly fun and fancy.

For a child of only four, Mayci is amazing at sitting to get her hair done. She rarely complains and usually listens very well when I tell her how to move her head or to keep still. The only thing she doesn’t like is getting her hair parted and this one required a lot of parts.

Ani barely let me brush her hair when she was little. I have never been into doing my own hair as a kid OR adult. Doing nothing with Mayci’s hair is not an option and as it turns out, I’m enjoying the creativity. I really love doing her hair!

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