With the cooler weather has come drier skin. The lighter lotion we were using wasn’t cutting it anymore so we switched to this magical tub of Palmer’s.

Their skin is like silk and when they say it lasts 24 hours they mean it. But the most amazing thing about it is Nicholas. His eczema has been mostly well controlled, but it requires twice daily rubbing with after bath oil or Aveeno lotion. We tried this stuff and, well, it was just like magic.

His skin is smoother than I’ve ever seen it. The inside of his knees and elbows are always a bit rough, but this Palmer’s smoothed them right out. Out of curiosity we didn’t rub him with anything for a while to see how long it would last.

The result? 36 hours! This means we can just lotion him up once a day and his skin stays even nicer than when we were oiling or lotioning him twice a day. Definitely magic!

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