Christmas 2020

The kids went to bed easily on Christmas Eve so we got everything set out and headed to bed ourselves. Instead of wrapping the kids’ gifts (they each got an ornament, something to play with, a book, and clothes – except for Ani and Cameron who got a second thing to play with instead of clothes) I decided to just make one box for each of them. With ten kids that saved a ton of time!

Adrian knew about the kids’ scooters, but didn’t know we had also gotten two adult scooters for him and Fritz. The night before he had been a bit jealous about the little kid scooters. He was so surprised and excited when he discovered there were actually six scooters instead of four and one was for him.

The kids love books. Mayci opened hers (The Princess in Black) to look through it before pulling anything else out of her box. Adrian finished reading his entire book (The Odd 1s Out First Sequel) by the next day.

Mayci found a note from Santa in her box directing her to go to her room. She was so surprised to find Santa had been in there setting up her very own little vanity.

Fritz loves a good pun so he was quite happy with his shirt. It had a stick figure looking at a sign that reads BAD. Underneath the picture it says, “That is not a good sign.”

Noah was up at 4am on Christmas Eve for who knows what reason. We’d had this kitchen in a box waiting to be put together and reviewed since September. We hadn’t planned when we would give it to the kids, but I took the opportunity early Christmas Eve morning to put it together and so we ended up giving it to them on Christmas.

Once Noah figured out how to pull the paper off his box he was pretty excited to find some of his favorite blocks (the magnetic foam kind) inside.

The kids’ bio grandmother dropped off some presents for them on Christmas Eve. They opened them Christmas morning. Anthony was thrilled to find red shoes in his package. He absolutely loves those shoes.

The babies (really all the kids) really like Little Baby Bum. I don’t know what it is about Little Baby Bum specifically because other animated songs videos don’t capture the twins’ attention at all. Just Little Baby Bum. My parents gave them a Twinkle star that lights up and sings.

We often get clothes to dress the babies similarly but not identically. These little dinosaur outfits with knee patches are just too cute on them. The only difference in the outfits is the background color being yellow on one and blue on the other (we have a third one of these outfits, also in yellow, for Nicholas because he’s pretty much their slightly older triplet).

Nicholas is just such a happy go lucky independent little guy. When getting his picture taken he often wrinkles up his face and says, “CHEESE!” I just love that face. I’m going to be so sad when he stops making it.

Santa gave Elijah a car kit with a toy drill. I wasn’t sure if he’d like it or not, but it turned out to be a giant hit. He spent a long time putting it together (and taking it apart). My father was more than happy to help him with it.

Fritz has been having a bit of a rough time healthwise for months now. He was feeling pretty icky on Christmas so he curled up on the couch under his blanket to read a book my parents gave him.

Unfortunately Cameron and his girlfriend Tami couldn’t come over on Christmas because Tami was sick with what we assume is COVID (test isn’t back quite yet). We Zoomed with them to open our gifts. Anthony was especially happy to see Cameron on the screen. Anthony absolutely adores his biggest brother.

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