Developmentally Inappropriate

Adrian attended kindergarten at the same school Elijah goes to for about the same amount of time Elijah has been in school. And I’ve noticed something crazy.

Kindergarten is way harder now than it was in 2013-14!

I’ve heard from several friends that they’ve noticed this as well between older and younger kids being in kindergarten. I’m finding it to be very developmentally inappropriate now.

The question is why. Middle school seems about the same level for Adrian as it was for Cameron. So why are we frustrating little kids with a curriculum that makes absolutely no sense for them at their age?


Over the last few weeks the twins (they are almost 19 months) have started putting two or three words together in sentences and adding lots of words to their vocabulary. Nana no longer means all types of food but instead actually (usually) only means banana for example.

This morning Joel asked me for a nana. I kind of ignored him because lately he’s just been squishing bananas and he had already eaten several things for breakfast.

But then he pointed again at the bananas, smiled sweetly, and said, “Peez? Peez nana?”

No way could I say no to that! He got his banana and he finished his entire half, too. Guess he really, really wanted a banana.

The Silver Lining

Two years ago Trump was throwing a temper tantrum which was the longest government shutdown in history. Jamie, being essential, was working but not getting paid until it was over. So many people, known and unknown, were incredibly kind to us. So we decided to pay it forward and that’s why we became foster parents and ultimately adopted our six little ones. So now that Trump’s reign has finally ended, at least there is one positive thing that came out of his presidency.

Still Doing Great

Today is the first day of the third quarter. Fritz and Adrian are still doing great in public school. Their grade for the second quarter were excellent.

Adrian’s Grades
Math A (96%; 98% for the semester)
Science A (99%; 99% for the semester)
English C (77%; 83% for the semester)
Robotics A (100%; 95% for the semester)
PE A (96%; 98% for the semester)
Spanish B (84%; 87% for the semester)
Texas History B (85%; 90% for the semester)

Fritz’s Grades
Spanish I A (93%; 93% for the semester)
Animation A (94%; 96% for the semester)
Health A (100%; 98% for the semester)
AP Human Geography B (88%; 86% for the semester)
Biology B (89%; 92% for the semester)
English I A (100%; 96% for the semester)
Algebra I B (88%; 91% for the semester)

(3.91 GPA for the quarter; 4.24 for the semester)

Happy 2021

For a lot of people 2020 was pretty terrible. For our family it wasn’t so bad. We did, after all, adopt six kids so there was never a dull moment for us even in lockdown.

By the end of 2021 my kids will be 21, 20, 15, 13, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 2.

Four of my kids will finish 9th, 7th, kindergarten, and pre-k in June.

In August I’ll have kids in 10th, 8th, 1st, kindergarten, and pre-k.

Only Nicholas will be left at the preschool.

In April I will turn 43 and Jamie will be 46 in November.

Even with a pandemic going on, 2021 is sure to be another great year.

(I took these pictures on Wednesday which was glitz and glamour day at the boys’ preschool. I managed to get exactly zero with both of them looking at the camera.)

Happy New Year!