COVID in the House

Last Wednesday I took Mayci to urgent care because she had a fever and vomiting and just felt generally icky. Her rapid strep, rapid COVID, and urine dipstick were negative. Her strep and urine cultures were also negative. But her COVID PCR test was positive.

So we’re quarantined. And the “burnt tastebuds” from wasabi peas and the stuffy nose I had due to allergies weren’t from those reasons at all. Yeah, the loss of taste and smell and the muscle aches and nasty headache I had the week before Mayci got sick? COVID. Thankfully we are all fine. Everyone who has gotten sick has had a very mild case. Mayci was literally only sick one single day.

Mayci gets to go back to school on Monday. Anthony and Nicholas get to go back a week from Thursday. Adrian and Elijah don’t get to go back to school until a month from yesterday. Our ISD requires siblings to quarantine for the ten days the positive child has to stay home plus 14 more days to be 100% sure they won’t get sick. This puts them able to go back to school just before the week of spring break.

Add in below freezing temperatures because Mother Nature got lost on her way north and ended up in Texas and this is turning out to be a very memorable quarantine.

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