A week of hair

After the kids’ bath on Sunday last week I did Mayci’s hair all fancy. It’s just six braids wound together to, as she says, look like a present. So this is how her hair looked on Monday.

Tuesday I took the top two braids and wound them into cute little flat buns. I left the other four braids alone.

Wednesday I let the top braids hang down loose and put in two gray linen bows that matched the outfit she was wearing that day.

Thursday I wound her top braids up and secured them in loops. I added clear with glitter bobbles at the base of the loops. Then I put purple cuffs on her middle braids and blue cuffs on her bottom braids.

Friday I took the top braids out and made them into ponytails. I didn’t do much to them other than rubbing in some cream in order to preserve the curls the braids left in her hair. I added blue bows up top to complete her look.

She absolutely loved her hair. She gets so much confidence from having pretty hair. It’s really amazing how patient she is at just 4 years old with getting her hair done. It took about 30 or 40 minutes to do the initial hairstyle, but then each morning it took less than 5 to put some oil on her scalp and change things up to get her all cute and ready for school. I seriously love playing with this girl’s hair.

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