Noah’s Surgery

Noah has his tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears on Monday. He had moderate hearing loss and negative pressure in his ears which was explained by the very thick fluid that he had in there. He had moderate sleep apnea thanks to his giant tonsils. Because of his age he had to spent the night in the hospital afterwards.

We had to be at the hospital at 11 for surgery at 1. He couldn’t eat after midnight and couldn’t have anything but clear liquids until 9am. It’s impossible to make a 20 month old understand that he can’t have food, especially when his twin can.

Noah was so incredibly cute in his little hospital gown. He really didn’t not like his ID anklet and soon discovered he could pull it off. He spent a while giggling while roaming the pre-op unit.

They gave him versed about 45 minutes before they took him back to the OR in order to relax him. He got very loopy and on the ride to the OR he kept trying to stand up, but would fall over because the motion and versed combined totally messed with his balance.

Coming out of anesthesia was very hard on Noah. They said that’s typical with babies his age. He was delirious, screaming and refusing to open his eyes and not really awake, for at least an hour in the recovery room.

For the rest of the day and night Noah alternated between crying and sleeping and refused to let me put him down. I spent a lot of time reading while rocking him.

By yesterday morning he was already feeling so much better. He ate some applesauce and drank some apple juice. He even let me put him down for a little while.

At 9, he had met all his goals (keep his pain under control, keep his oxygen sats up, and eat something) so we were able to take him home.

He was so happy to get back home. He’s doing so great eating and resting and healing. Hopefully within a few days he’ll be back to his normal self with no more ear pain, snoring, and apnea.

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