Third Quarter Grades for the Bigs

Fritz did excellent as usual the third quarter. Adrian, however, was doing very well and then we discovered for the last week before spring break he skipped some zooms and was playing video games and watching youtube instead of doing his assignments and paying attention to class. Good thing he’s back to in-person school again this week. Not having the temptation of non-school things to do during school hours is a good thing for him. (What he did dropped his grades in Spanish, English, and Science by an entire letter grade.)

Adrian’s Grades
Math A (95%)
Science B (83%)
English C (74%)
Robotics A (95%)
PE A (100%)
Spanish B (84%)
Texas History A (90%)

Fritz’s Grades
Spanish I A (90%)
Animation A (96%)
Outdoor Adventure A (99%)
AP Human Geography B (80%)
Biology A (95%)
English I A (92%)
Algebra I A (95%)

(4.15 GPA for the quarter)

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