I finally got brave and did cornrows in Baby Girl’s hair. I have never been able to successfully French braid so I was pretty nervous about essentially doing smaller French braids upside-down.

I got Mayci showered and her hair all washed and clean and then set up all the products and brushes and combs and things and the cube for her to sit on. With a snack and the TV on I got to work.

I got her hair all creamed up and detangled. She’s very happy with this new brush for the entire reason that it is pink. We have four of these brushes now. A green one, a purple one, a black one, and this pink one. We used to have a couple more but they got carried off and lost at some point (hence why we have so many… you never know when they will grow legs).

I told myself I’d do one braid and decide if I wanted to do more. So I got the first area sectioned off and added a bunch of gel and started my very first cornrow ever.

It was looser than I’d like, but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Also, Mayci’s hair has gotten SO long over the last year. It’s just crazy how long her braids are now.

Since the first one went so well I decided to keep on going and ended up with six cornrows. All of them are looser than I’d like, but for my first try, I’m calling it a success.

In Mayci’s world, you can’t have braids without beads. She loves beads so much. She picked colors she deemed to be Easter colors. Hopefully they’ll last until Sunday!

It’s always fun to pick out the patterns for her beads. She doesn’t care how I arrange the colors at this point as long as she gets to pick which colors I use.

I’ve really struggled with doing the rubber bands at the bottoms of beaded braids. Somehow this time I just got it figured out and they just worked. So there’s one skill I have finally mastered!

Even though I see tons of mistakes and everything I need to improve on, Mayci just sees braids and beads her mommie took the time to put in her hair and is totally thrilled with them. And, really, that’s all that’s truly important.

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