Our family doesn’t have a whole lot of traditions related to holidays and birthdays. Elijah had an assignment to write down our family’s Christmas traditions in December and at first I was thinking we didn’t have any, but really we do.

Every Easter we watch Jesus Christ Superstar. The 2000 version which is most definitely the best version.

We watch Tuesday the 17th (Psych) every, well, Tuesday the 17th. Because of this, it is our most watched Psych episode which is funny because it’s definitely not my favorite.

We take our kids to a hotel, just them plus Jamie and me, the night before their 13th birthdays. They get to pick what we do and where we go. Adrian gets his turn in June.

Every holiday meal includes pickles and olives. Because some of my kids like bread and butter pickles, we’ve added a jar of those in recent years.

We have the most traditions at Christmas. We go to see the Walkway of Lights in Marble Falls some time around Thanksgiving. We give the kids an ornament every year as part of their gift (I used to cross stitch them but that was when I had four kids and now I have ten so we just buy them now). And we watch Holiday in Handcuffs a few days before Christmas (funny that so many of our traditions involve watching something on TV considering how little we actually watch TV).

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