Reading to the Big Boys

I read a chapter (sometimes more) to Fritz and Adrian every evening. As soon as their younger siblings head off to be, we read. Adrian cleans while we read. Both of them are perfectly capable of reading to themselves or putting on an audiobook, but the chapter a night is something we’ve been doing for many years and even though they will soon be 15 and 13 I don’t see a reason to stop any time soon.

Any time we finish a book that’s been made into a movie, we watch the movie over the next night or two instead of starting a new book right away. We’re currently reading The Hunger Games series and so watched the first movie last week. It’s fun to see the book brought to life and to see what they changed or had to leave out due to time constraints. The Hunger Games is all told from Katniss’ point of view so the small additions from Snow’s point of view in the movie really add to it (especially since we read The Ballard of Songbirds and Snakes before starting the original three books).

So far none of my kids have been quite as into reading as I always have been. They read, but at a much more normal pace. Even as a kid I read like crazy. I could knock out three Baby-Sitters Club books in a week easy. I learned to read when I was 3 1/2 (my six-year-old sister taught me using an old copy of Hooked on Phonics) and was reading chapter books by the time I was in first grade. I really enjoy sharing books I’ve loved with my kids through their bedtime stories. DELTORA Quest, Harry Potter, Hunger Games… I think next we’ll do Miss Peregrine and then Divergent. Maybe The 100 (I do love dystopian).

We’re reading Catching Fire now. I had forgotten how amazing Suzanne Collins is at weaving a story. It’s been hard only reading one chapter a night. This is a series I read over just a few days (all three books had been published before I read any of them) and would do it again on a reread if I wasn’t reading out loud to the boys.

Side note… Watching The Hunger Games, after all the experience I’ve had with Mayci’s hair, I realized there is absolutely no way Rue’s hair would look that nice after a few days in the arena. I mean, Katniss’ wouldn’t either, but Rue’s *really* wouldn’t.

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