A Hole in Each Earlobe

Mayci has wanted pierced ears for quite some time. She talked about it even before she moved in with us. We talked about it for her birthday, for her adoption, or for no reason at all. But she always decided it would hurt too much and decided not to get it done.

Ani found out there a little pop-up boutique in some Targets where an RN uses a hand squeeze tool (rather than a gun like at Claire’s) to do the piercing. For some reason this time Mayci said she was ready so Ani made the appointment.

A week ago Saturday was the date. We found the place in Target and she climbed into the chair and looked at a few different options for her first earrings and chose 3mm pearl balls.

She was very brave, but even brave people need moral support sometimes so she invited Anthony to come along. She and Anthony have always been close. Because of her abilities with speech and his delays she seems way older than just the 11 months between them.

The nurse marked where she was going to put the holes. Mayci was getting a bit nervous at this point. She got to keep the pen the nurse used and for some reason this made Mayci so incredibly happy.

After the first earring was in place, she was a bit shocked by the pain. The nurse immediately distracted her by showing her how it looked in the mirror.

The second one is the one that takes the most courage. She knew exactly how it would feel. After a deep breath she told the nurse to go ahead and do it.

Mayci did not cry after either ear was pierced. She just said, “That really hurt,” in a very accusatory voice, which is pretty much on brand for this child. She’ll cry her heart out if she thinks it might get you to give in to her and let her have her way, but if she makes up her mind not to cry, she absolutely won’t. She’ll let you know what you did is not okay with her, though.

Soon the pain was gone and little miss had two lovely pearl balls in her earlobes. She’s looking forward to when she can start wearing other earrings (any time after May 22nd). She and Ani have plans to do some ear twinning and she can’t wait (and to be perfectly honest, neither can Ani).

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