2020-21 Final Quarter Grades

The kids did awesome this school year. Fritz and Adrian worked hard their final quarter of the year and definitely didn’t slack off at all. Zeke and Mayci learned so much in pre-k and kindergarten. We’re so proud of all of them.

Zeke got 3s in music, 4s in PE (I didn’t even know 4 was an option), 2s and 3s in conduct, 2’s and a 3 in language arts, 3’s, a few 2s, a couple 1s, and a 4 in reading, 2s and 3s in math, 3s in social studies, 2s and 3s in science, and a 3 in health. He can count aloud to 39.

Mayci got 4s in PE (and still has the little crush on her PE teacher that started the very first week of school), 3s in language arts, 2s and 3s in reading, 3s plus a 5 (didn’t know that was an option either) in math, 3s in science and social studies, 2s and 3s in conduct, and 3s in fine arts and technology. She can identify all 26 upper and lowercase letters as well as tell you the sound each one makes, can count aloud up to 29 and can count 20 objects.

Adrian’s Grades
Math A (94%; 95% for the semester; 97% for the year)
Science A (98%; 91% for the semester; 95% for the year)
English B (88%; 81% for the semester; 82% for the year)
Robotics A (97%; 97% for the semester; 96% for the year)
PE A (100%; 100% for the semester; 100% for the year)
Spanish A (90%; 85% for the semester; 86% for the year)
Texas History A (96%; 93% for the semester; 92% for the year)

Fritz’s Grades
Spanish I A (90%; 90% for the semester)
Animation A (96; 94% for the semester)
Outdoor Adventure A (99%; 100% for the semester)
AP Human Geography B (89%; 85% for the semester)
Biology A (94%; 95% for the semester)
English I A (92%; 93% for the semester)
Algebra I B (85%; 90% for the semester)

(4.01 GPA for the quarter; 4.15 GPA for the semester)

Adrian Brag

This morning I had a conference call to finalize Adrian’s 504 for dysgraphia and ADHD and I must brag a little. This is, of course, his first year in public school since halfway through kindergarten. He still loves it as much as he did at the beginning of the year.

The 504 guy at his middle school said the last quarter kids usually slack off a bit, but Adrian is finishing the year very strong with an 88 in ELAR, an 89 in Spanish, and the rest A’s. In addition he said they’ve already gotten the scores from the STAAR reading and math tests that were done on the computer (Adrian’s were due to accomodations that they put in place even before the 504 was finalized). Adrian scored Masters (highest) in both his 7th grade reading and 8th grade math (pre-algebra) STAARs.

He said we should be very proud of our son. Indeed we are.

Joel did a thing

The other day Joel kept saying something to Ani and pulling on his clothes. We eventually realized he was saying “potty.” So Ani got the little potty and took his clothes off and that crazy 22 month old peed (a lot) in the potty and then ran over to the cabinet where we keep the Skittles and waited patiently for his reward for using the potty. He sees Anthony and Nicholas get Skittles for going potty so I guess he figured that was a pretty good way to get some for himself!

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

The instructions on shampoo bottles always say to lather, rinse, and repeat. I figured this was just a way to sell more shampoo since you’d have to use twice a much.

Then I took the hair care course from Tutus & Tennis Shoes. In there, Kanisha says to wash the kids’ hair twice and then condition. I’ll do pretty much whatever Kanisha says to do so we immediately started shampooing twice before conditioning.

And then I tried washing my own hair twice and it’s pretty much life-changing. They weren’t just trying to sell more shampoo. Shampooing my hair twice leaves it feeling so much cleaner. The kids’ hair is left nicer, too. I’m sold!

(By the way, if you are a white mom raising Black children, I very, very highly recommend taking Kanisha’s The Beauty and Science of Black Hair Care Course. It’s totally worth the time and money. You won’t regret it.)

Such a waste of time

Wednesday and Thursday last week Fritz had to go to the high school to take his algebra I and biology end of course exams. Instead of letting kids go home as soon as they were done, they made them sit in the classroom until dismissal at 3:25.

They got there at 9 and so by the time the exams were started it was around 9:30. Fritz finished his algebra I exam at 11. He only took 45 minutes to complete the biology exam. And then he had to just sit there (luckily they did allow them to bring a book to read) for hours.

And this is why he is not a fan of public school. So. Much. Wasted. Time.