Adrian Brag

This morning I had a conference call to finalize Adrian’s 504 for dysgraphia and ADHD and I must brag a little. This is, of course, his first year in public school since halfway through kindergarten. He still loves it as much as he did at the beginning of the year.

The 504 guy at his middle school said the last quarter kids usually slack off a bit, but Adrian is finishing the year very strong with an 88 in ELAR, an 89 in Spanish, and the rest A’s. In addition he said they’ve already gotten the scores from the STAAR reading and math tests that were done on the computer (Adrian’s were due to accomodations that they put in place even before the 504 was finalized). Adrian scored Masters (highest) in both his 7th grade reading and 8th grade math (pre-algebra) STAARs.

He said we should be very proud of our son. Indeed we are.

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