Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Of all the kids, Zeke shows the most signs of lack of stimulation when he was young. It’s really amazing how much development happens in the first three years and he really missed out on much of what most kids get.

He’s in speech therapy at school for a receptive and expressive language disorder. He’s making progress. For example, this past school year he mastered using pronouns properly. He’s still working on one and two step directions.

Time is completely meaningless to him. He calls meals by any random name rather than the one it is. We’re working with him on getting the names right and he’s making tons of progress remembering. He’ll say things like “Tomorrow we went to the store.”

The speech therapist he had when he moved in with us said she was confident he would catch up no problem because we have what she called a “language rich environment” in his home. A lot of things are just a matter of exposure. He has been exposed to a lot fewer words than most kids his age.

As hard as it is to see him struggle simply because he missed out on a lot his first three years, it’s also amazing to see how far he’s come. He was super skinny and a bit malnourished when he arrived, but since then his body has gone through the changes a baby body would complete with the pooched out toddler belly that has now changed to a normal little kid belly shape. His brain is also going though the changes a baby brain would as he learns things he missed out on.

I’m confident he’ll catch up completely before too long.

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