Adrian’s STAAR Results

This year STAAR tests don’t really count. They were mostly for the schools to see how they did with remote/hybrid learning. We got Adrian’s results last week and he did so well. If they had counted, he would’ve passed all of them. Masters, Meets, and Approaches are passing scores while Did Not Meet is a failing score (in normal years).

In 7th grade reading he got Masters with a raw score of 1800. He scored in the 88th percentile. The state average was 1631, the district average was 1644, and the campus average was 1667 which are all Approaches Grade Level. His Lexile level is 1335 putting him well above the expected 7th grade reading level (end of 10th to 12th grade reading level).

7th grade writing I was concerned about for him. He was just diagnosed with dysgraphia and while he had accomodations (mainly he did the test on the computer rather than pencil and paper), writing is definitely not his strong suit. His ELAR teacher got some great work out of him, but not quite what I’d expect from a 7th grader. So when I saw he got Approaches Grade Level in writing I was so excited for him. His raw score was 3662 which is in the 44th percentile. The state average was 3706, the district average was 3728, and the campus average was 3918, which are all also in Approaches. He did the worst in composition and the best in editing. The composition score didn’t surprise me at all, but the editing score definitely did. He’s really worked hard this year in ELAR and it shows.

In 8th grade math he got Masters with a raw score of 1896. He score in the 92nd percentile. The state average was 1647 and the district average was 1658, both in Approaches Grade Level, and the campus average was 1730 which is in Meets Grade Level. His quantile level was 1230Q which is well above the expected level for 8th graders. (He took the 8th grade math STAAR in 7th grade because he was in honors math which is the same as regular 8th grade math. This puts him on the path of taking Algebra I next year in 8th grade.)

Even though I don’t think standardized tests are truly necessary, it is nice to have proof that all those years of homeschooling accomplished something and prepared him well for public school!

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