The Oculus

Fritz has been wanting an Oculus Quest 2 since before it was even released. About seven or eight months ago Adrian decided he wanted to buy his big brother one for his birthday.

Since January Adrian has not spent any money on himself. He has saved all his allowance and any money he’s earned watching siblings and mowing the lawn.

In March he realized there was no way he’d save up the $300 he’d need by July to buy it. So he texted his biggest brother and asked Cameron if he’d be willing to kick in the remainder.

Cameron, figuring there was no way Adrian would keep saving all his money and so would have to kick in much more than Adrian’s estimated $100, agreed and planned on pay for half of it.

We told Adrian we’d pay to upgrade it from 64gb to 256gb and pay the tax. So then we just had to wait several months until it was time to buy it.

It was a long, hard wait for Adrian. He had so much trouble not spilling his secret to Fritz. He almost told him so many times.

In the end, Adrian managed to save $215. That left $85 for Cameron to chip in and $132 for the bigger memory and tax from us.

While Adrian will get to play with the Oculus, his main reason for getting it was just to make Fritz happy. Fritz is genuinely the best and most amazing brother and helps with the other kids more than anyone else so being surprised with something he so desperately wanted was pretty awesome.

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