Wearing her hair down

I don’t usually let Mayci wear her hair down even though she regularly asks me to. She’s not yet five and plays hard and is just as likely to be sitting on the couch on her bottom as on her head. So generally I insist that she have her hair in protective styles like braids or twists to prevent tangling or breakage. Sunday before last I finally agreed to let her wear her hair down for church. She was so excited. And super cute. The funny thing is while hair like this is generally referred to as a Wash N Go, it’s anything but wash and go.

After her bath, where her hair was washed twice and conditioned once and then thoroughly rinsed out, Saturday evening, we worked her leave-in conditioner through her hair and detangled it. She wore her bonnet to bed as usual. Then in the morning I sprayed her hair with water until it was nice and damp. Then I added a lot of cream and worked it through her hair and detangled again (thanks to the bonnet there’s not much detangling to do in the mornings). Then I put some jojoba oil on her scalp and pulled it down the strands. I added some more jojoba oil to the ends of her hair since when left down those ends really like to get dried out.

I gave her hair a final brush with our magic purple brush. It leaves her hair in the prettiest little ringlets when it’s used in a certain way. To finish up her Wash N Go, I put a giant pink bow in her hair on the side. She is such a girly girl with a love of pink and bows so with a pink bow in her hair and wearing a lacy pink dress she’s really just living her best life.

As far as hairstyles go, it’s a pretty quick one, just about 15 minutes total. But that’s 15 minutes for a hairstyle that is only going to last looking this nice about 4 hours on such a little girl and adds some time to styling the next day since there’s more detangling to do than usual after wearing it like this. But she loves it so on occasion it’s totally worth letting her wear her hair down.

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