A simple rule…

I made a simple rule for myself that ensures I always read my scriptures, every single day. I am not allowed to read any books until I have read a chapter/section in the scriptures. Since I quite enjoy reading books, this works great for me and I haven’t missed a day of reading in months. (I also have Read Scriptures as one of my daily to do’s and I really like crossing things off my list so that helps as well.)

It always seems to take four hours

Saturday I braided Ani’s best friend’s hair. She’s very rarely had her hair braided in her life and only once did she have beads so we decided to go all out. She wanted rainbow beads and when she put her glasses back on after I was all done, her glasses matching her beads was just perfect. It took about four hours. It always seems to take four hours.

Shoes Ready for the Morning

Last school year we had the kids’ clothes out and ready but tracking down shoes and socks that got lost while they were getting dressed took quite a bit of time while trying to get out the door. This year we’ve moved the backpacks onto hooks in the laundry room so that’s freed up lots of space on the toy cabinet. So I tried putting their shoes and shocks in that space.

This has totally changed our mornings. No searching for a missing shoe (or two). No running back upstairs to get a new pair of socks only to find the missing pair moments later. We can tell at a glance which kids haven’t gotten their shoes on yet so no almost leaving with bare feet. Honestly, I think that one simple thing alone – putting the shoes and socks on the toy cabinet the night before – shaves five minutes off the time it takes us to get ready and out the door in the morning.

School Hair

On Sunday I did Mayci’s hair all fancy for the first day of school. She’s got 17 braids, pink and blue beads, pink and blue cuffs, pink ballies, and so much product in her hair (two kinds of shine n jam, foam wrap, and the Magic 3). It took almost four hours but turned out absolutely adorable.

Her favorite braid because the beads spell her name.
Silly face!

First Day of School

Five of my kids were off to school this morning. There was a little hiccup when Anthony refused to get in the van because he thought bringing his nap mat meant he was going to the preschool (they have naptime in pre-k), but we got him in the car and once he realized we were dropping him off at the big school all was well. Nicholas thought it was entirely too early to be arriving at preschool (he’s not wrong). The twins are enjoying being the only little ones home and having their Fritz all to themselves (the virtual school he’s attending doesn’t start until next week).

8th Grade

1st Grade



Last Year of Preschool

PK, K, 1 Teachers

I got phone calls from Zeke, Mayci, and Anthony’s teachers yesterday. Anthony will have the same teacher and assistant Mayci had. This is a relief. He also trusts and has a bond with the assistant from when she was at his preschool before she moved to the elementary school. Mayci has a kindergarten teacher who was teaching kindergarten there the year Adrian was in kindergarten. I’ve only heard good things about her. She commented that she already knows Mayci. Pretty much all the teachers know Mayci. She’s a very outgoing and friendly little girl. Zeke has a teacher who is new to the school, but not the district. She had no problem labeling everything with his preferred name when I explained his birth name is a bit of a trigger. She also quickly clued in that he was relatively recently adopted from foster care. We’re very happy with all three assignments.