PK, K, 1 Teachers

I got phone calls from Zeke, Mayci, and Anthony’s teachers yesterday. Anthony will have the same teacher and assistant Mayci had. This is a relief. He also trusts and has a bond with the assistant from when she was at his preschool before she moved to the elementary school. Mayci has a kindergarten teacher who was teaching kindergarten there the year Adrian was in kindergarten. I’ve only heard good things about her. She commented that she already knows Mayci. Pretty much all the teachers know Mayci. She’s a very outgoing and friendly little girl. Zeke has a teacher who is new to the school, but not the district. She had no problem labeling everything with his preferred name when I explained his birth name is a bit of a trigger. She also quickly clued in that he was relatively recently adopted from foster care. We’re very happy with all three assignments.

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