Almost 6 hours, 53 twists, 212 beads

Sunday was fancy hair day. We spent almost 6 hours making 53 twists with 212 beads on the ends. It was the most ambitious style I’d done so far, but also by far my favorite. I just might recreate it when we have family pictures done later in the year.

I taught Mayci how to put beads on the threader I use to get them on her hair so while I twisted she counted out four random beads from her bag and put them on the threader for me.

The back beads are totally random which she loves. The front beads are solid red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

This week is color week at kindergarten. The kids were invited to wear red on Monday, orange on Tuesday, and so on so the beads being those colors make it extra fun for her.

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