Fritz’s Grades for the First Quarter of 10th Grade

Tenth grade has been really hard for Fritz. The virtual school is MUCH harder than our very competitive highly ranked local high school. The first couple weeks Fritz put about as much effort as he needed to last year, but we soon learned that simply wasn’t enough. Since then he’s been working super hard and trying his best and it shows in his grades.

Chemisty B (86%)
English II A (93%)
Geometry B (88%)
PE A (99%)
Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance A (96%)
Spanish 2 A (91%)
World History A (96%)

GPA: 4.29

Older Three Littles First Quarter Grades

I didn’t know actual letter grades started in first grade, but apparently they do. His first time getting letter grades, Zeke got straight A’s! He’s been working so hard in school and it shows. In addition to all the A’s, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Language Arts A (92%)
Reading A (90%)
Math A (90%)
Social Studies A (99%)
Science A (100%)

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level.

Mayci got 2’s in music, 3’s in PE, and mostly 3’s and a handful of 2’s in everything else. She got a 1 in the stage of writing (trying to write sentences, but doesn’t use proper capitalization or punctuation yet). She’s a leader in her classroom and volunteers a lot to help out a classmate who is blind (and is naturally picking up a little bit of braille).

Anthony got 2’s in PE, a 3 in fine arts, and 2’s in everything else and a 1 in stage of writing (in pre-k that means he’s not trying to write much of anything yet). He knows the names of 2 uppercase and 2 lowercase letters so far. He can count out loud to 10.

An excellent start to the school year for all of them really. I can’t believe we’re already a quarter into the year. That really doesn’t seem at all possible!

Adrian’s Grades for the First Quarter of 8th Grade

Adrian did very well his first quarter of 8th grade. He got mostly A’s with a couple B’s. Pretty typical for him. He did really well this quarter with not having missing assignments. Pretty much the only missing ones were him taking too long handing in stuff from when he was out having surgery.

Spanish 1B B (89%)
Fundamentals of Computer Science A (93%)
PE A (100%)
Science A (97%)
American History A (90%)
Algebra I A (90%)
ELAR B (86%)

(Spanish, Computer Science, and Algebra are all classes that will earn him high school credit.)

Hair for Two This Week

Our bonus daughter was going to a Halloween event Saturday night and asked me to do her hair for it. She was going to be “an elfish sort of thing” so this is what I came up with for her hair.

I did a starburst on the top of her head leading to each knot. The back and front knots are braids made into knots and the top ones are twists made in knots.

It turned out super cute and didn’t even take very long (about an hour and a half). I decided to take the same idea and make it more for a little girl when I did Mayci’s hair later in the day.

Mayci’s hair took 4 1/2 hours. There are 12 wedges, each split into three braids. Mayci hates to have her hair in her face so I pulled the three front segments up on each side.

She wanted Halloween colors so I did a black bead, two orange solid beads, and two translucent beads on 26 of her braids and put clear glitter Gabby Bows at the end of the other ten braids (first time using those and I LOVE them… totally need to get more!). I finished the style off with orange ballies up top. So cute!

Potty Words

Way back when Adrian was in kindergarten a sub wrote in his communication folder that he was using potty words. Now, my mind went right to cuss words, which we don’t use in our home, so I was just flabbergasted as to why he was using those words.

As anyone who has a kid in the kindergarten age group likely knows, the sub didn’t mean cuss words at all. She meant words about going potty. Pee. Poop. Fart. Yes, my son got written up in his communication folder for saying poop out loud.

Now I have a little girl in kindergarten and, as it turns out, potty words have not gone out of fashion. Mayci thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to say pee, poop, or fart. Anthony is starting to think they are pretty funny, too. Zeke thought they were hilarious last year (not so much this year).

What is it about (literal) potty words that 5-year-olds think are so incredibly funny?

Four Little Boys

I got the four youngest boys new church clothes. I decided to have fun and have them all match. I settled on khaki pants and blue polos.

So of course I had to get a picture of them all dressed up. By the time we got home from church three were completely barefoot and one just had socks on.

Ever tried to get a picture of four four and under? It’s like herding cats. Three looking at the camera at once is nothing short of a miracle (and pretty much constantly hitting the button to take pictures).

In order to get them to sit down at the same time we had to promise them M&Ms. Apparently Skittles have lost their currency value among our kids. They have moved on to M&Ms.

It didn’t take long before they were done. They continued sitting, though, because they knew they were about to get those M&Ms. I’m counting cooperation for a minute and a half as a huge success. Even if it was for M&Ms.

I really want to know what these guys were talking about. They ended up giggling amongst themselves like crazy.


Mayci calls the animal on these dresses “littlecorns.” I will be so sad when she starts using their proper name.

Ani asked for a sister for 16 years before she gave up. What she didn’t know was her sister was born right about the time she gave up asking. They may be over a decade and a half apart, but they love being sisters in a sea of brothers.

Super Quick Hair

Last week’s hairstyle only lasted one week and I had to redo it after a couple days because Mayci pulled the big beads out. She’s been doing a lot of messing with her hair at school so she’s a bit of a mess by the time she gets home.

This week I did a super quick style. It took me about twenty minutes and wasn’t actually exactly what I had planned. After looking at my reference picture I missed doing a third part, but I like how it turned out anyway.

I love the criss cross braids. A few months ago I would’ve put bows where the pink elastics are. But, sadly, Mayci is outgrowing her bows.

She has taken notice of how other Black girls at her school wear their hair and she’s absolutely right. Bows are very popular among the pre-k girls, but once they get into kindergarten they kind of disappear. She debated for a while between having me put in the pink elastics or pink ballies.

I love how happy Mayci feels having pretty, freshly fixed hair.

Mornings With the Twinplets

We pulled Nicky out of his preschool so he’s home with the twins and me full time now. Since it’s been cool (low 60s) in the mornings we’ve been going outside to play every morning.

It’s always Nicky and Joel who decide we are done out there after 20-30 minutes. Noah would rather stay outside forever so it takes a bit of convincing to get him to follow his brothers.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings our Haley comes to play with them for a couple hours. When she’s not here we spend the morning up in the playroom having lots of fun.

Mornings with the twinplets are so much fun!