Super Quick Hair

Last week’s hairstyle only lasted one week and I had to redo it after a couple days because Mayci pulled the big beads out. She’s been doing a lot of messing with her hair at school so she’s a bit of a mess by the time she gets home.

This week I did a super quick style. It took me about twenty minutes and wasn’t actually exactly what I had planned. After looking at my reference picture I missed doing a third part, but I like how it turned out anyway.

I love the criss cross braids. A few months ago I would’ve put bows where the pink elastics are. But, sadly, Mayci is outgrowing her bows.

She has taken notice of how other Black girls at her school wear their hair and she’s absolutely right. Bows are very popular among the pre-k girls, but once they get into kindergarten they kind of disappear. She debated for a while between having me put in the pink elastics or pink ballies.

I love how happy Mayci feels having pretty, freshly fixed hair.

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