Four Little Boys

I got the four youngest boys new church clothes. I decided to have fun and have them all match. I settled on khaki pants and blue polos.

So of course I had to get a picture of them all dressed up. By the time we got home from church three were completely barefoot and one just had socks on.

Ever tried to get a picture of four four and under? It’s like herding cats. Three looking at the camera at once is nothing short of a miracle (and pretty much constantly hitting the button to take pictures).

In order to get them to sit down at the same time we had to promise them M&Ms. Apparently Skittles have lost their currency value among our kids. They have moved on to M&Ms.

It didn’t take long before they were done. They continued sitting, though, because they knew they were about to get those M&Ms. I’m counting cooperation for a minute and a half as a huge success. Even if it was for M&Ms.

I really want to know what these guys were talking about. They ended up giggling amongst themselves like crazy.

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