Potty Words

Way back when Adrian was in kindergarten a sub wrote in his communication folder that he was using potty words. Now, my mind went right to cuss words, which we don’t use in our home, so I was just flabbergasted as to why he was using those words.

As anyone who has a kid in the kindergarten age group likely knows, the sub didn’t mean cuss words at all. She meant words about going potty. Pee. Poop. Fart. Yes, my son got written up in his communication folder for saying poop out loud.

Now I have a little girl in kindergarten and, as it turns out, potty words have not gone out of fashion. Mayci thinks it’s the funniest thing ever to say pee, poop, or fart. Anthony is starting to think they are pretty funny, too. Zeke thought they were hilarious last year (not so much this year).

What is it about (literal) potty words that 5-year-olds think are so incredibly funny?

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