Hair for Two This Week

Our bonus daughter was going to a Halloween event Saturday night and asked me to do her hair for it. She was going to be “an elfish sort of thing” so this is what I came up with for her hair.

I did a starburst on the top of her head leading to each knot. The back and front knots are braids made into knots and the top ones are twists made in knots.

It turned out super cute and didn’t even take very long (about an hour and a half). I decided to take the same idea and make it more for a little girl when I did Mayci’s hair later in the day.

Mayci’s hair took 4 1/2 hours. There are 12 wedges, each split into three braids. Mayci hates to have her hair in her face so I pulled the three front segments up on each side.

She wanted Halloween colors so I did a black bead, two orange solid beads, and two translucent beads on 26 of her braids and put clear glitter Gabby Bows at the end of the other ten braids (first time using those and I LOVE them… totally need to get more!). I finished the style off with orange ballies up top. So cute!

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