Adrian and Zeke’s Second Quarter Grades

Adrian did very well again the second quarter of 8th grade. He loves school and works really hard. Crazy they’ve already had the 8th graders visit the high school and next week is an electives fair there. Doesn’t seem possible he’s nearly old enough for high school.

Spanish 1B C (79%)
Fundamentals of Computer Science A (94%)
PE B (85%)
Science A (97%)
American History A (90%)
Algebra I A (90%)
ELAR A (91%)

(He’s earning high school credit for Spanish, Computer Science, and Algebra.)

Zeke struggles a bit with school, but he works so hard. In addition to his letter grades, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Language Arts B (87%)
Reading B (85%)
Math B (88%)
Social Studies A (99%)
Science A (98%)

One thought on “Adrian and Zeke’s Second Quarter Grades

  1. You are a wonderful mom, you pour a lot into your children and this is a result of parenting with a cause. I know sometimes it’s difficult and sometimes we just want to scream but it’s just a wonderful feeling to see the results. You rock I love they way you love your kids

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