Two Boys on Trek

Like their older brother five years ago, Fritz and Adrian spent part of Spring Break on that great Mormon LARPing adventure known as Trek. Their experience was very different from Cameron’s, though, mainly because of the weather.

It was 16 degrees when they woke up Friday morning, colder when you factor in the windchill, and they all came home with windburn this time rather than sunburn. We’re talking icicles hanging off water dispensers midday. In Texas. Texan kids aren’t built for that kind of weather.

The boys made very cute pioneers. They walked 13 miles and shot BB guns and bows and arrows. They ate well. It really would have been pretty pleasant if not for that crazy weather. Fritz says his fingers and toes only went numb for short periods a few times. Adrian woke up unable to feel his hands and feet at all and discovered condensation had made his gloves and socks wet. One of his Trek Siblings helped him get those off and go through the rather painful process of warming up.

Fritz says if he knew then what he knows now he would not have gone. Adrian says he still would have. Kind of funny really since Fritz loves the cold and Adrian most definitely does not. But I guess there is Texas cold and then there’s the cold they experienced on Trek.

They were both happy to get and be able to take hot showers and sleep in soft, warm beds. Noah was the happiest, though. He missed Fritz so much and pretty much wouldn’t let go of his big brother for a couple hours after he got home.

Doing Hair

I love doing the kids’ hair. Hair time is bonding time. I learned how to care for their hair from Kanisha at Tutus and Tennis Shoes. I took her course and then I’ve continued learning through what she posts on Facebook and Instagram (which sometimes include pictures of Mayci’s hair done all cute). If you are white raising a Black child, please take her course. It’s the best gift you could give your child.

Third Quarter Grades

It’s crazy, but the school year is 3/4 of the way over already! As always the kids did very well this quarter and are ready to finish the school year strong.

Spanish 1B C (76%)
Fundamentals of Computer Science A (94%)
Health A (97%)
Science A (93%)
American History B (86%)
Algebra I B (86%)
ELAR A (93%)

Language Arts B (83%)
Reading B (86%)
Math B (91%)
Social Studies A (98%)
Science A (95%)

In addition to his letter grades, he got an E (excellent) in conduct, health, art, theater arts, music, and PE.

Kindergarten and Pre-K do numbers for grades. 1 is lowest, 4 is highest, though generally they don’t give higher than a 3. A 4 would mean they’d pretty much mastered that subject for the next grade level.

Mayci got one 2 and the rest 3s in conduct, five 2s and the rest 3s in language arts and reading, two 2s and the rest 3s in math (she can rote count to 100), an even mix of 2s and 3s in social studies, one 2 and the rest threes in science, a 3 in health, 3s in music, and 3s in PE. She got a 4 in the stage of writing.

Anthony got all 2s in language arts and reading, math (he can count up to six items with one count per item and can identify three items counting all at once), science, a 2 and the rest 3s in social studies, two 3s and the rest 2s in conduct, 3s in fine arts, a 2 and a 3 in technology, and 3s in PE. He is in stage 1 of writing.

A few hairstyles

This was done for our family pictures back in November so I even took the time to lay her edges.

We discovered Gabby Bows and now we have so many of them.

This was a super quick style inspired by an instagram account I follow.

I always like connected ponytails.

Multilevel braids are always fun. And of course more Gabby Bows.

Some quick connected braids. This was probably Mayci’s least favorite style ever.

Triangle parts and braids with chunky beads on the ends. I did this one the beginning of February.

And then two weeks later it was looking kind of frizzy (Mayci does love to stand on her head) so I left the parts, took out the braids, and turned them into twists. I think twists are my very favorite style on her. Unfortunately every single one of the colored elastics I used on her bases popped apart after getting melted by the product in her hair, but the Gabby Bows on the ends are adorable as ever.

Dirt Don’t Hurt

Every night we run our little robot vacuum. It gets emptied at least once each evening, if not twice. Jamie kept what came out of the dirt compartment in old mixed nuts containers for the entire month of February. It was a lot (especially when you consider we sweep quite often during the day, too). My kids are so messy.

February Literati Box

Adrian’s seventh Literati box arrived a couple weeks ago (see boxes one, two, three, four, five, and six). We only kept three of books this month.

The poster, bookmark, and bookplates were fun as usual. I love the colors in the poster. The bookmark’s colors are pretty nice, too.

These are the three books we’re keeping. The Initial Insult and Rule sound pretty great. When I read the synopsis of One of Us is Lying to Adrian he responded “wow!” I was pretty excited about that one because it was on my Amazon wishlist. This month’s yeses require no debate at all.

These are the two books we sent back. We have both on Kindle already. I read Be More Chill in January and it was pretty much horrible. I offered to let Adrian keep The Fowl Twins in paper form if he wanted but he decided against it. Be More Chill was going back no matter what, that’s how bad it is.