I Went on a Cruise, Part 1

A friend got this great idea to celebrate her 40th birthday on a 4 day/3 night cruise from Galveston to Cozumel. She invited any ladies who wanted to come to join her. She thought maybe a few women would come. It ended up forty women went! My mom and I were two of them.

Mommie and I got on an airplane and flew to Houston last Wednesday night. We successfully used Uber to get us to our hotel and then again in the morning to get us back to the airport. From there we were taken on a bus to Galveston. After going through the check-in process, we were on the Carnival Breeze about 11:30am!

We had lunch (gluten free options were clearly marked on the buffet and pretty much everywhere else on the ship could handle gluten free, too) and wandered around the ship until we could head to our stateroom (at 1:30pm).

We checked out the World’s Smallest Library. It used to be a bar and then they put in self-service wine dispensers, but even those are out of service now.

The Library Bar isn’t a well-used room which made it a great place to go sit and read. It was quiet and comfortable.

At 3:30pm Thursday it was time to push off and start our trip south to Mexico. The pool water was so incredibly cold (it was in the 30s in Galveston that day after all), but some people still insisted on swimming.

Friday morning dawned clear and bright and quite a bit warmer. Shorts and t-shirts were comfortable. There was a constant breeze out on the decks, but it wasn’t cold anymore.

We did a little onboard shopping. Mommie got a pair of turtle earrings and I got a duck lanyard. I couldn’t resist.

It occurred to me with the soft serve ice cream machine and a can of root beer I could have unlimited root beer floats. I had a few over the course of our cruise.

Friday we got the first towel animal in our stateroom. This one was a dog. The next day we got an elephant and on the final full day of our cruise we got a frog.

Pretty much no matter where we went on the boat the view was amazing. I thought it would be weird to only see water, but it turned out to be very nice, as was the constant rocking of the ship.

Saturday morning we woke up just a few miles out from the port at Cozumel Mexico. It was in the high 70s and humid. By noon it was over 90 and just lovely.

After scanning our sign & sail cards so they knew who was off the ship, we were headed down to the pier where we spent the morning and early afternoon shopping and looking around.

We watched some turtles swimming around for a while. Their home was right in the middle of the shops in a shaded area with a small manmade pool.

We ran into a couple guys dressed up as Aztec Warriors and had fun taking pictures with them. They were hilarious.

We had hoped to be able to see the Mayan ruins but they were closed so we had to satisfy ourselves with the tiny model fountain version.

They have a fish thingy for putting empty plastic bottles in. I’m pretty sure if those were everywhere people would be much more likely to recycle. It was fun putting things in there!

I was nervous about eating in port so we went back to the ship around 1:30pm. More than half of the choices on the buffet were gluten free! I had the best lunch and even a piece of red velvet cake that didn’t taste at all gluten free. It was so good.

We decided to put on our bathing suits and go in the hot tub. We had to laugh, though, because our water shoes matched. We bought them a year and a half apart and picked the same ones!

After soaking in the hot tub for a while (a much warmer experience than the following afternoon when the sun was behind clouds and we were much closer to Texas), we laid on the deck and watched another cruise ship pull away.

That evening we did my favorite thing of the whole cruise. We were rocking pretty good so we went out on deck five and watched the waves. Even in the dark we could see the white caps. We laid in deck chairs reading for a couple hours just listening to the waves crashing. It was so nice and relaxing.

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