A few hairstyles

This was done for our family pictures back in November so I even took the time to lay her edges.

We discovered Gabby Bows and now we have so many of them.

This was a super quick style inspired by an instagram account I follow.

I always like connected ponytails.

Multilevel braids are always fun. And of course more Gabby Bows.

Some quick connected braids. This was probably Mayci’s least favorite style ever.

Triangle parts and braids with chunky beads on the ends. I did this one the beginning of February.

And then two weeks later it was looking kind of frizzy (Mayci does love to stand on her head) so I left the parts, took out the braids, and turned them into twists. I think twists are my very favorite style on her. Unfortunately every single one of the colored elastics I used on her bases popped apart after getting melted by the product in her hair, but the Gabby Bows on the ends are adorable as ever.

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