Dirt Bath

The twinplets did some digging under the swings. They succeeded in making a small area of dusty dirt they love to play in.

They love to play in that dirt and throw it around and get it in their hair and all over their bodies. They get a lot of baths because of this.

Hours after Noah had a bath one time we discovered he had left behind a whole lot of dirt. And that’s just from one child!

Best Brothers

Fritz is an amazing big brother to his seven younger brothers and sister. But he’s got an extra special bond with Noah. This has been apparent since very early on.

When Fritz and Noah have been apart during the day, they both are thrilled when they get back together. Noah comes over and hugs Fritz’s leg looking up at his big brother with those heart eyes of his.

Noah’s favorite place is in Fritz’s arms. It’s going to be hard on both of them next school year since Fritz will be gone to school ten hours a day instead of being home doing virtual school like he has the last two years.

Recital #2

A few weeks ago Zeke and Mayci performed in a dance recital, both doing tap routines. They’ve both been taking ballet and tap once a week since August.

The girls Zeke danced with were wearing similar costumes to what Mayci had except in yellow. One thing is for sure… the girl costumes at this recital were WAY cooler than Zeke’s!

Mayci’s hair had to be half up/half down and they said I could do a few beads. I did braids and really more than a few beads. Between her hair and her costume she was super adorable.

Sick Babies

A couple weeks ago we had two very sick babies. Noah screamed all night one night and was diagnosed with an ear infection the next day. Within a couple days of starting the antibiotics he was doing much better.

Joel wasn’t nearly so easy. He screamed all night long and told us his throat hurt, but it was a weekend so we took him to the pediatric urgent care where they said he didn’t have strep but his throat was red from postnasal drop. Nothing to worry about, he’d feel better soon.

He kept getting worse, though, so a couple days later we took him to his pediatrician and he had very severe tonsillitis! There was no postnasal drip at all. He was so much better after just one dose of antibiotics and within a week was the happy, mischievous baby we are used to.

A Date With Mayci

Once a week we take a kid on a date. When it was Mayci’s turn she chose to go to Big’z Burger Joint, a place with, quite possibly, the best burgers in the world.

I taught her how to make orange sauce and how to use a fry to mix it up. Ketchup and mustard together is just way superior to each on their own.

One of the most fun things about Big’z is they have a big fenced in field so kids can run around and play while waiting for their food/for parents to finish their food. There’s always balls to kick around out there. Mayci discovered it’s not quite as fun without her siblings with her.

The only time the kids get soda is when they are on their date. She wanted Dr Pepper like her Daddy drinks. She is a fan.

It’s always fun to have a little two-on-one time with our kids. With this many children it’s pretty much a must to plan specific time for each of them.

The Pink Stuff (Spray)

Large families swear by The Pink Stuff. Up until recently I had only used the paste (which is quite amazing at taking crayon, pen, and even sharpie off walls). Then I tried the multipurpose spray.

We had had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and sauce had splattered on the counter and ever since school ended that counter had kind of become a catchall so it was in bad need of being cleaned. Usually I use 409 which smells awful and takes a bit of scrubbing (but certainly leaves things clean).

To say I am a fan of The Pink Stuff is an understatement. Anything that can take marks off walls is worthy of being bought in bulk when you have a bunch of little kids. But this multipurpose spray is absolutely incredible.

It doesn’t smell bad. In fact, the scent is quite pleasant. It also doesn’t make my hands itch. It left my counters so clean that even though I had planned on just doing the one section I ended up doing all of them.

The most amazing thing about The Pink Stuff multipurpose spray is how easy it is. You spray it on and then one quick swipe is all it usually takes to remove whatever has taken up residence on the counters. I did the whole kitchen in half the time it usually takes me. 5 out of 5 stars. Get yourself The Pink Stuff. It’s truly amazing stuff.

The most amazing flowers

For Mother’s Day my bonus daughter gave me a bouquet of flowers. Usually I hate flowers. They just end up dying.

But these won’t die because they are made of paper! Not only are they made of paper, they are made of the pages from a book!

Looking at the bits you can read, they are made from pages of Alice in Wonderland. This is seriously one of the most thoughtful gifts ever!