May Owlcrate

The book for May’s Owlcrate box is Ballad & Dagger by Daniel Jose Older. It’s a Rick Riordan Presents book and sounds really good (and the Owlcrate dust jacket is gorgeous).

In the box was a Lord of the Rings bowl representing The Shire. It’s beautiful and is now up on my bookshelf. There were two pens that write so smoothly. Ani took one and I kept the other.

There was a wooden banner thing spelling out AS TRAVARS (to travel) and a cloth checkers and chess set. The pieces fit in an attached pocket and the whole thing folds up for storage or travel. Ani took both of those home with her.

This month’s luggage tag pin went right on my backpack. Of course it’s my favorite so far. All the purples! I love purple.

And of course there’s the signed book with the awesome reversible dust jack, the booklet about this month’s stuff, a bookmark, and a letter from the author. These Owlcrate boxes really are so much fun (and so far the books have been excellent!).

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