Daniel Tiger Songs

I really didn’t think at this point in my life that I’d be singing Daniel Songs quite so much. Or at all. But some of them are quite useful raising this bunch of little kids.

Grownups Come Back – Some of our kids remember when they’ve had grownups in their lives who didn’t come back. But we always come back and they know we will, but sometimes it’s hard to remember when we’re leaving. This song always reassures them.

You Can Take a Turn, and Then I’ll Get it Back – We often have problems with kids not wanting to share or being upset that another kid has something they of course were just about to play with. It’s very hard to wait for a sibling to get bored of a toy and even harder to hand over a toy when you are absolutely sure they will keep it forever. They’ll sing this song to each other, probably to remind them that it’s only temporary, but it always instantly reminds them to share.

When You Feel So Mad That You Want to Roar, Take a Deep Breath and Count to Four – A couple of our kids get so mad they want to roar quite often. Singing this song reminds them to take a moment for regulation and then calm down while counting. It’s quite amazing how well it can work.

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