Summer Wall

Last summer I quickly got tired of telling them how much longer they had before going back to school so I made a mark-off chart before school even ended this year. There are 74 squares to mark off this year. I included all seven summer birthdays, too, since birthday season happens over the summer.

I got the older three little ones Brain Quest books to do over the summer. Each came with a gameboard and stickers to mark their progress so I put those up on the wall (Mayci and Anthony’s have been relocated to different wall locations since theirs were within reach of the youngest three and were pulled down pretty quickly). Having them on the wall helps remind us to do them every day since they all want to reach the finish line.

And we have our schedule up on the wall. We don’t stick to it perfectly. It’s more of a reminder of about when we do things. But it’s nice to have a place the kids can go look and see what they should be doing at that time or to know how long until the next time they get to eat (since food seems to be the most important thing in the summer).

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