Once Upon a Book Club, Part 2

I recently read If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy, the book Jamie got me in a Once Upon a Book Club box for my birthday.

First there was a blank Moleskine notebook with a wrap on it that said it was Henry’s Journal, something that had just been mentioned in the book before it told me to open my gift.

Next was a little walkie talkie cutout stuck between the pages with a QR code on the back for a walkie talkie app for your phone.

Next was a scarf or maybe a towel. I’m not actually sure which it is. At the point I was directed to open it, a towel was mentioned so I thought that’s what it would be, but it really feels more like a scarf.

The final gift was a tassel like you’d find on a gentleman’s loafer made into a keychain with a label with the title of the book.

I really enjoyed the book and it was made even more fun by the little gifts I got to open from the box at certain points along the way.

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