Rearranging Clothes

The other day I decided it was time to go through the kids’ clothes. Mayci and the twins had a lot of clothes they’d outgrown that have no little siblings to pass them down to. I found quite a few 3T things in Anthony’s drawers which is weird since he moved up to size 5 a couple months ago. Those are now in the twins’ drawers. Zeke’s now got stuff that used to be Adrian’s, Zeke’s outgrown clothes are either passed down to Mayci (shorts… girl shorts are WAY too short) or waiting for Anthony to grow into, Anthony’s now got a bunch of Zeke’s and Mayci’s old clothes as well as some stuff passed down to us from a friend, Nicky has Anthony’s old clothes, and the twins have Nicky’s old clothes. Mayci’s got clothes passed down to us from a couple friends.

I was sure we’d need to buy a ton of clothes, but it turns out we just needed dress clothes for all the boys and shorts for the twins. Getting clothes from just one sibling when there are two of you in the same size means more are always needed. It is a little weird to see Nicholas wearing clothes from when Zeke first came to us (Zeke was 5 and Nicholas is only almost 4, but Zeke was very small two years ago which is crazy to think about since he’s so big now). Even weirder is the clothes we bought for Anthony when he first arrived that no longer fit anyone at all. We ended up with 3 2/3 kitchen trash bags to donate, mostly Mayci’s and the twins’ outgrown stuff (my little kids clearly have a lot of clothes).

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