Anthony at Church

The other Sunday Anthony just was not feeling the going to class thing so I spent the second hour in the hallway with him. Eventually we ended up in an empty classroom where he figured out how to fold chairs.

He folded and put up a whole lot of chairs. I joked that means he’ll be an excellent Priesthood holder one day since it’s always the men doing most of the folding and putting away of chairs.

Once he finished putting away all the chairs he put up the table that was leaning against the wall folded up. Impressive since I’ve seen plenty of adults struggle putting up those tables.

He ended up opening some of the chairs he had just put away and dragging them across the room (it’s a very echo-y room since it used to be the library and has no sound dampening anything in there… which is probably why it was empty while church was going on).

He set up four chairs around the table. It was very hard work, but he was determined to do it. And he was having a whole lot of fun.

Once he got the table and chairs set up the way he wanted them he very quietly sat in one of the chairs until it was time to pick up his siblings from their classes and go home.

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