Snack Trays

I’ve been making the kids pretty much daily snack trays with a variety of meat, cheese, fruit, and crackers for their morning snack.

They absolutely love them! They cheer when they see me making them. On occasions I make them a little earlier than snack time they ask approximately every 22 seconds if they can have it yet.

Once it’s time to eat, it’s a serious feeding frenzy. They love getting to choose exactly what parts to eat for their snack. I love that it’s so much healthier from the prepackaged stuff we normally give them (since it’s so easy).

I think their favorite thing about the snack trays is that I put a few pieces of fruit that they haven’t had in a long time on there. Anthony’s intestines have been slow to mature so certain types of fruit has not been allowed. As the doctor promised, as he gets older he’s able to tolerate more (plus with him being at home it’s less of a worry if there is a reaction).

It’s fun to make the trays creative and to vary some of the components each day. Turkey, salami, and pepperoni are the clear winners over ham and roast beef (though I keep giving them a little of those each day and sometimes one of them will eat some).

I’m not kidding when I say these kids can demolish an entire snack tray in two minutes flat. It’s kind of fascinating to watch.

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