The Pink Stuff (Spray)

Large families swear by The Pink Stuff. Up until recently I had only used the paste (which is quite amazing at taking crayon, pen, and even sharpie off walls). Then I tried the multipurpose spray.

We had had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and sauce had splattered on the counter and ever since school ended that counter had kind of become a catchall so it was in bad need of being cleaned. Usually I use 409 which smells awful and takes a bit of scrubbing (but certainly leaves things clean).

To say I am a fan of The Pink Stuff is an understatement. Anything that can take marks off walls is worthy of being bought in bulk when you have a bunch of little kids. But this multipurpose spray is absolutely incredible.

It doesn’t smell bad. In fact, the scent is quite pleasant. It also doesn’t make my hands itch. It left my counters so clean that even though I had planned on just doing the one section I ended up doing all of them.

The most amazing thing about The Pink Stuff multipurpose spray is how easy it is. You spray it on and then one quick swipe is all it usually takes to remove whatever has taken up residence on the counters. I did the whole kitchen in half the time it usually takes me. 5 out of 5 stars. Get yourself The Pink Stuff. It’s truly amazing stuff.

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