A Date With Mayci

Once a week we take a kid on a date. When it was Mayci’s turn she chose to go to Big’z Burger Joint, a place with, quite possibly, the best burgers in the world.

I taught her how to make orange sauce and how to use a fry to mix it up. Ketchup and mustard together is just way superior to each on their own.

One of the most fun things about Big’z is they have a big fenced in field so kids can run around and play while waiting for their food/for parents to finish their food. There’s always balls to kick around out there. Mayci discovered it’s not quite as fun without her siblings with her.

The only time the kids get soda is when they are on their date. She wanted Dr Pepper like her Daddy drinks. She is a fan.

It’s always fun to have a little two-on-one time with our kids. With this many children it’s pretty much a must to plan specific time for each of them.

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