July Owlcrate

Getting an Owlcrate box is always so exciting. July’s box happened to be extra awesome. Like they put the coolest things possible in that box.

We got a bitter orange body mist. I kept that. It is fabulous just spraying it around the room. Smells so good. We also got a compact mirror that Ani took home with her. Then there was this silicone water bottle. It doesn’t make a sound if it gets tossed on the floor (I kept that, too).

Of course I kept the luggage tag pin and put it right on my mini backpack. The goblet charms were so pretty. Ani took that home. The reversible bowl cozy was beautiful and Ani took that home with her as well.

The book for the month was Violet Made of Thorn by Gina Chen. It sounds pretty good. The cover is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen (of course I think so with all that purple!).

The pretty cover extends to the inside. The printing on the book itself is gorgeous and the inside of the book jacket is so beautiful, too.

Style Day, Step by Step

To get nice, sharp parts I put Shine ‘n Jam in her hair along where I want the part to be and then use a rattail comb to make the actual part.

Once I have the piece of hair I am working on next sectioned, I comb through some cream and then some Shine ‘n Jam (I don’t necessarily do the cream if I wash and style in one day, but since it had been two days, I figured more cream wouldn’t hurt).

Then I do whatever I’m planning on to the section of hair. This time I did two strand twists. I love how two strand twists look on her.

I get a few beads set up ahead of time. These beader things make it so easy to get them on her hair.

Once the beads are on her hair, I twist tiny black elastics around and around the hair above the bottom bead to hold them in place.


I put oil on all her parts. I reoil her parts every two or three days. Mayci loves the way the oil makes her feel so sometimes she’ll ask for them now.

All done!

Pretty twists!

Wash Day, Step by Step

The last time I did Mayci’s hair, because of how our schedule worked out that weekend, we split the work into three days. The first day I took out her braids. The second day I washed her hair.

We have a Shampoo Time mat in order to wash her hair in the sink. I don’t know why I waited so long to get this thing. It’s so helpful.

The first shampoo.

I shampoo her hair twice. I learned to do this from Kanisha at Tutus and Tennis Shoes. (I also shampoo my own hair twice now… changed my life, man.)

And the conditioner! All together it takes 10-15 minutes to shampoo and condition her very, very thick hair.

Isn’t she the cutest?

I quickly section her hair into halves and then each half into thirds. Then I put liquid (detangler) and cream in her hair and brush all the tangles out. She ends up with the most amazing ringlets.

Look at all that gorgeous, healthy hair!

The secret of our hair success is The Magic Three from Tutus and Tennis Shoes. When Mayci arrived her hair was dry and brittle, constantly breaking. A few months of using this stuff and her hair has been healthy ever since.

Since I washed her hair on Friday and was going to unable to style it until Monday, Mayci asked if I would do Anna braids.

Beautiful young lady!

Cute little photo bomber back there.