The Pink Stuff, Paste This Time

The Pink Stuff really is amazing. The paste gets anything off walls, counters, cabinets, etc, but better, easier, and not as itchy as Magic Erasers (those always my hands red and itchy).

The counters in our house are over 20 years old now and are showing their age with stains and spots and chips. The Pink Stuff got those stains out so while they are still showing their age, they’re not quite as ugly anymore.

It’s amazing to watch how the paste takes out even Sharpie with just a little bit of scrubbing. It’s almost like the marker just melts away.

I have a couple little ones who fancy themselves arteests. This lovely crayon design appeared compliments of Noah. The Pink Stuff got it right out (and now look that that nice, blank canvas ready for his next design!).

And then there are walls. Our horrible, textured walls. Just begging to be colored on. Thank goodness for The Pink Stuff!

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