Anthony’s Tender Little Head

When Anthony moved in with us he was super tender headed and not used to having his hair touched. He’s been with us 2 1/2 years now and through a lot of work and persistence, he loves to have his hair done now. Sometimes his hair got done with him locked between my legs on my lap. Sometimes he screamed and covered his head. I got real good at getting it done fast. But it was never an option to not get his hair done or for him to look a mess. I gave him choices like using a comb or just my fingers at the beginning trying to get him comfortable with things touching his head. I kept his hair cut very short for a long time. He’s still on the tender-headed side so we still keep his hair short (though not as short as we used to) and I try to be extra gentle and get any tangles out without pulling too much. But his hair is beautiful and healthy now and there are no tears (his or mine) at hair time anymore.

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