A Date With Nicky

If you ask Nicky what he wants to eat he always says pizza. So for his two-on-one date a few weeks ago we went to Purple Garlic where they have some excellent gluten free pizza. He spent over 20 minutes coloring on the kids’ menu.

Once he got tired of coloring (and had covered pretty much the whole paper), he unwrapped all our silverware and did some swordfighting.

It takes 25-30 minutes for pizzas to get done there since they are made fresh so we pulled out the Fire and got him set up watching some Baby Shark videos and a couple minutes later our food arrived.

He was very excited to get his pizza. He loved it and ate the whole thing. Pizza really is his favorite food.

At some point our server came to fill our water and Nicky showed her his coloring and then gave it to her. She promised to put it up in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy.

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