Style Day, Step by Step

To get nice, sharp parts I put Shine ‘n Jam in her hair along where I want the part to be and then use a rattail comb to make the actual part.

Once I have the piece of hair I am working on next sectioned, I comb through some cream and then some Shine ‘n Jam (I don’t necessarily do the cream if I wash and style in one day, but since it had been two days, I figured more cream wouldn’t hurt).

Then I do whatever I’m planning on to the section of hair. This time I did two strand twists. I love how two strand twists look on her.

I get a few beads set up ahead of time. These beader things make it so easy to get them on her hair.

Once the beads are on her hair, I twist tiny black elastics around and around the hair above the bottom bead to hold them in place.


I put oil on all her parts. I reoil her parts every two or three days. Mayci loves the way the oil makes her feel so sometimes she’ll ask for them now.

All done!

Pretty twists!

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