Matching Feet

We only got new shoes for Noah before the school year started since Joel was staying home. This was not okay with the twins. Every day was a battle to get the shoes on Noah only and to convince Joel to wear a different pair. Finally I decided it wasn’t worth it and ordered a second, identical, pair of shoes for Joel. Now the twins are very happy they have matching feet.

We took Nicholas to Jurassic Quest

For his birthday in July we gave Nicholas tickets to go to Jurassic Quest.

The day finally arrived last Saturday.

He was so excited to see all the dinosaurs.

He was 100% sure they were all real.

He was a little afraid of some of them.

He got to ride a dinosaur!

And dig for fossils.

He met a baby dinosaur.

And a Utahraptor, too.

He ate an entire icee all by himself.

And got to drive a jeep (his favorite thing).

Jurassic Quest was so much fun it wore him out!