A couple weeks ago I was stopped and waiting for traffic in the other lane to clear so I could turn left into our neighborhood when a girl slammed into the back of us.

Fritz, Adrian, Nicholas, Noah, and Joel were with me. They were all pretty much fine. Luckily the passenger area of Transits are very safe. All five, including the big boys were sitting back there (usually one big one will sit in the front, but for some reason they both got in the back that day).

I was kind of twisted in my seat and leaning forward a little bit so the way I hit the seat and headrest caused some injuries. I ended up with a concussion, whiplash, and some soft tissue damage. I’ve been going to physical therapy to make sure I heal okay and don’t have lasting trouble.

The high school girl who hit us first said she didn’t see us there (in our giant 15 passenger van) then complained I was just sitting there not moving (following the law with my turn signal on even) and then finally said she was looking down and thought I had gone (as you do when you are texting and driving). Her car had to be towed away. I really don’t know how she was going that fast to be able to cause that much damage 75-100 feet from a stop sign.

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